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In my last e-mail, I stated that the Drasgow video on his IRT scoring of
personaluty was on the IPAC site. The video is not there but his slides are
there and can be accessed by IPAC members.

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Mike McDaniel
On Sep 13, 2013 11:45 AM, "Michael McDaniel (WSF)" <
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> Concerning Tony's remarks regarding forced-choice and IRT scoring and

> Dan's remarks, I have five comments.


> 1. Fritz Drasgow gave a talk on this approach raised by Tony at the IPAC

> conference in Columbus this year and the video of his talk is on the IPAC

> web site. His paper in the SIOP journal is also of some relevance. I

> suspect that there are some Federal tech reports on the topic as well. I

> cannot speak to whether this approach addresses the assertion that faking

> is both "controllable and detectable" as I have not read most of this

> literature.

> 2. Outside of a large federal agency, I don't know of anyone who has

> implemented this approach operationally. Perhaps others have and I just

> don't know about it.

> 3. To the best of my knowledge, this approach is not used by Harry's

> organization.

> 4. I doubt that this approach will soon be used by IPAC-affiliated

> organizations both because of the sample size requirements and the

> statistical skills required.

> 5. I agree with Dan Putka (how can one not agree with Dan Putka?)


> I will revise my position as follows: Except for the possibility of

> personality assessment with an IRT scoring approach and with a forced

> choice response format, I know of no good reason for using a personality

> test in personnel selection other than perhaps to add some near random

> variance to scores in hopes of reducing mean subgroup differences at the

> likely cost of reducing validity.


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> Mike



> On Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 2:49 PM, Barry Casey <

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>> Greetings.


>> In a previous professional life, I worked in personnel assessment with a

>> Civil Service Board in Alabama. I have been contacted by another Fire

>> District in our area about helping them with a promotional examination.

>> However, they have concerns that some of the candidates that they believe

>> will do well, would not be a good fit due to the personalities of the

>> potential promotional candidates. Essentially, they are concerned that the

>> individuals' ego would prevent them from being an effective company officer.


>> Are any of you aware of any assessments that may help to identify those

>> personality traits that may problematic for the District.


>> Any advice is welcomed.


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