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Our most typical format on a job posting is to list the minimum quals
first, and in a separately titled section, the preferred quals. When we
post this way, central HR is screening for the min quals and placement on
the eligible list. The department(s), who have provided input prior to
the opening, will screen for the preferred quals for whom they want to
interview. The preferred quals may differ from one department to another
so typically we use several online screening questions to be used at a
later time as vacancies occur (something we call "Selective
Certification", which is above/beyond min quals). Usually the preferred
quals are more particular skill set rather than simply asking for more
years of exp or higher degrees, although we don't have a blanket policy
prohibiting asking for a Masters etc.

Another job posting format we've been using, particularly for jobs where
there are just huge numbers of applicants or where we really are just
focusing on a particular skill (like IT titles), is to ONLY post the
preferred quals and to say at the end of the list, "Only the highest
qualified applicants will be posted to the eligible-for-hire list." This
is just to put applicants on notice that just the minimums aren't going to
cut it, and even though you may have made the list last time, you may not
this time.

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I would like to find out how most public sector agencies address preferred
qualifications when they have established minimum qualifications.
Specifically, if you have an established level of education and experience
in your minimum qualifications, would you be able to have a preferred
qualification above and beyond the MQs (e.g., MQ = Bachelor’s in Business
Administration, Preferred qual = MBA)? Or, do you reserve preferred
qualifications for a particular skill set (e.g., experience with a
specific software)?

We currently are seeing a mixture of both in our postings, but are leaning
toward preferred qualifications for a particular skill set.

Thank you in advance for sharing.

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