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We are still paper and pencil for proctored testing. A couple of
departments (Water, Police) have been using some of the Biddle Consulting
software as part of the selection/interview process (OPAC to test
administrative skills, and CritiCall for emergency dispatch). We did some
research into this issue a couple years back which I've attached,
obviously some services or software may have changed. ( The reference to
"e-CHRIS"/TAM is actually PeopleSoft, which is our HRIS system). Due to
funding we haven't progressed with any software or service. We have been
dabbling with un-proctored screening questions in our online application
process that probably look like traditional multiple choice type

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We are looking for a show of hands regarding on line testing. How many of
you are administering proctored on line testing to your candidates? What
vendors are you using? We are a paper and pencil testing agency and are
now considering offering on line testing to our candidates. Any
experiences you can share would be most appreciated.

Maria Mikroulis
Associate Human Resources Analyst
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago
Employment Services
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