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We have done so but on a limited basis. Unproctored, online testing is not an option for us at this time. And we have a wrinkle that is pretty substantial for vendors. In order to maximize efficiencies, we use the same test content for multiple related exams on the same day. For example, we provide tests for local jurisdictions (counties, cities, etc.) for accountants. Each jurisdiction gets its own exam so it can create its own eligible list, use its own MQs, etc. We may hold 100 exams for various levels of accountants in one year. To minimize the cost and speed processing, we hold them all on the same day using the same test booklet.

Another wrinkle for us is item analysis. We need item analysis attached to each item in our item bank and we need the item analysis to be based on each individual use. This seems to have posed a problem for some vendors.

Another issue seems to be testing several thousand candidates on one day. From what I have seen, the infrastructure to do that is not readily available. If you have just a few exams and can generate several hundred items for each subject area and can test them on thousands of candidates, you may be able to do some sort of adaptive testing over multiple days, or at least create multiple equivalent forms. But we are unable to do that due to the hundreds of titles we test for.

Hope to hear how this works out for you, as we would like to do more online testing.


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We are looking for a show of hands regarding on line testing. How many of you are administering proctored on line testing to your candidates? What vendors are you using? We are a paper and pencil testing agency and are now considering offering on line testing to our candidates. Any experiences you can share would be most appreciated.

Maria Mikroulis
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