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Richard Joines mpscorp at value.net
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Hi Maria,

We've been offering online testing for narrative response format simulation tests for about 10 years using an in-house designed platform. The best known of these online tests is the General Management In-Basket (GMIB). Candidates must provide their analysis of the issues involved in each GMIB item, then provide a detailed statement of the actions they would take (as the manager), then write any needed memos, emails, or letters. The other online tests include our Supervisory Simulator, Customer Service Simulator, and Management Report. All of our tests must be proctored, but for our Management Report test, we started allowing the United Nations to proctor the test via Skype web cam a few years ago. Their candidates may be anywhere in the world, including China, and it's just not always possible to have an onsite proctor or expect candidates to travel great distances to a U.N. office or sister agency. We would not permit this for the GMIB which is treated as a top security level test.

Building online systems for narrative response format tests offers some unique challenges. It took us awhile to get everything working properly. Also, you have to be aware that web hosting companies can sometimes have problems. For this reason, we maintain an identical backup site with a different hosting company just in case...

Hope this is useful.

Richard Joines
Management & Personnel Systems, Inc.

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We are looking for a show of hands regarding on line testing. How many of you are administering proctored on line testing to your candidates? What vendors are you using? We are a paper and pencil testing agency and are now considering offering on line testing to our candidates. Any experiences you can share would be most appreciated.

Maria Mikroulis

Associate Human Resources Analyst

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

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