[IPAC-List] MSA labor force percentages by race and gender and EEO-4 job categories

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Hi Kurt,

The attached might help (courtesy of our Census expert - Fred Satterwhite).  The crosswalk goes from occupational category to the 8 groups reported in the EEO Tabulation, but there is no explanation of how/why the EEO-4 categories transform into the EEO Tabulation categories.

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If you’ve been involved in EEO-4 reporting and affirmative action planning in your organization, perhaps you can help me locate data I’ve been hunting for. If not, then you may not want to read any further.
Each of the 500+ job classifications we utilize in our county is associated with one of eight EEO-4 job categories. I’m in the process of putting together a snapshot that shows the makeup of the current county (as an organization) workforce by gender, race and EEO-4 category. Simple enough.
However, for comparison purposes, I also want to show the makeup of my metropolitan statistical area workforce by gender, race and EEO-4 category. Turns out . . . not so simple.   I’m looking on the US Census Bureau website for subject data set for my MSA, but the data set I end up with has two categories for Protective Service Worker (sworn and non-sworn) and no category at all for Para-Professional. There seems to be a gap between Census occupational groups and EEO-4 job categories.
So my question is, where do I find the latest workforce percentages by race, gender and actual EEO-4 job categories?  Or is there an elusive crosswalk file that I just haven’t discovered?
In any event, if you’ve cracked the code and want to share how you compiled this information ~ it would be appreciated.

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