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Richard Arwood richard.arwood at comcast.net
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Wow!  Thanks for doing this and allowing all of us to be a part of it.


I really appreciate it.


..Richard Arwood



Richard B. Arwood - Fire Chief (Retired-City of Memphis, TN)

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I am excited to officially announce the creation of a new IPAC journal
called “Personnel Assessment and Decisions.”

The journal is entirely open access, and is free to both authors and
readers. I am extremely grateful to Deborah Whetzel (HumRRo), Michael Blair
(Sprint), and the rest of the IPAC board for helping to make this a reality.
Not to mention the BGSU library staff and bepress for creating a
professional journal website.

I am also grateful to an outstanding group of Senior Editors [Dennis
Doverspike, Oleksandr (Sasha) Chernsyhenko, Mikki Hebl, Cornelius König,
Nathan Kuncel, Dan Putka, Neal Schmitt, and Mike Zickar] for agreeing to go
along for the ride. And, to the outstanding board members for allowing
themselves to be associated with this.

The journal is now accepting manuscripts. 


Scott Highhouse

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