[IPAC-List] Reading Levels for Safety Forces

Dennis Doverspike dennisdoverspike at gmail.com
Fri Sep 26 13:42:25 EDT 2014

I am working on a blog on reading levels and have several questions:

1. Are recent experience with the analysis of materials used by safety
forces suggests that the reading level of their source material and
textbooks continues to increase. Far above high school level. In part this
is due to the technology demands of both police and fire work. Any one else
care to comment or share their experience?

2. It appears that unions are requesting tests at particular reading
levels. Have you had unions request or require a certain reading level for
promotional tests?

3. The evaluation of reading levels of tests can be difficult because of
the varied content and formatting. How do you go about evaluating the
reading level of tests?

Any responses are appreciated.

Dennis Doverspike
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