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Susan -

>From an I/O perspective, most of my colleagues would suggest a test-retest window of six months, although answers would range from three to twelve months.  This is partially driven by test type.  Less concern about the test-retest window for personality, profile, and bio-data assessments, as these measures are mostly immune to practice effects.  On the flip-side, cognitive measures, situation judgment tests, and assessment centers exercises can be heavily influenced by practice, so test-retest windows tend to be longer.

Regarding an assessment that could be used to measure customer service skills across occupational groups, this is certainly doable.  Designing and validating the test around the desired customer service profile, or the common elements across the various positions, would achieve the goal.  Assuming you're looking for an online or computerized assessment, I suggest contacting CEB/SHL or Shaker Consulting.  Both have a great deal of experience in this area.  If you're looking for a non-computerized assessment or you want to stay local, CWH or Booth would be a good resource.

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Hello All,

Would like an update on current practice around retest policies.  We used to have a 90-day retake and now allow candidates to retest as long as it is a job posting for a different position.  We are considering going back to a 90-day retake based on process changes but want to ensure we are taking current practice into consideration.

Also, is anyone aware of an assessment for customer service which would cross occupational groups, i.e. a prescreen for all who apply...I'm aware there are several options for front desk/call center type positions and cultural fit profiles.  This assessment would need to be much broader and applicable to job candidates for the public sector.

Thanks much!


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