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Can you say what the test is, and whether or not there are male-female differences?  Without knowing the context, it's a bit difficult but I will share my own experience with norms.

I have national norms on tests like the General Management In-Basket (GMIB), the Supervisory Simulator (Supsim) and the Work Team Simulator, but their purpose is to make test scores understandable and meaningful, and no more.  So, results are supplied and employers are given the proprietary raw test score and the associated percentile standing in the national data base.  In this way, our proprietary raw test scores suddenly have meaning.  The associated percentile scores are given for the total score and for each factor measured by the test (which creates a profile).

We also produce feedback reports for candidates so they can understand their overall score and each factor score relative to the data base (norms).

We can also take slices of the national data base if the employer wants to do that.  Thus, we can compare the candidates to others at a certain hierarchical level (e.g., all department heads) or to those who applied for a specific position (e.g., all candidates for Police Lieutenant).

If making test scores meaningful for hiring officials and candidates is the intended usage, then my recommendation would be to just test the actual candidates that you encounter, and if the male-female split is 60-40, fine.  That's the reality on the ground, and I can't see any reason to adjust that breakdown for theoretical or other reasons.  That would be tinkering with reality for reasons that would soon be apparent, and I would avoid it.

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