[IPAC-List] Teamwork Assessment Center Information Requested

mhammer at 295.ca mhammer at 295.ca
Wed Sep 9 19:33:33 EDT 2015

The problem seems to be one of relying entirely on a task situation that
gives one legitimate cause to doubt the "diagnosticity"/validity of what
one may be observing in that context, with respect to other possible

Perhaps the solution is to use some additional simple task to corroborate
or disconfirm what is observed in the assessment center.  It's been some
16 years, but either Mike Campion or Mike McDaniel (one of those Mikes)
has/had a pencil-and-paper "Teamwork Test" that was a 35-item SJT, with
reasonably good specs, and low adverse impact.  I realize it would add
expense, but probably not as much as some of the more time-consuming
alternatives.  I suspect the chief challenge it would raise might be
deciding what trumps what, or how to weight them, relative to each other.

Mark Hammer

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