[IPAC-List] On the matter of labor relations - some I/O legal humour

mhammer at 295.ca mhammer at 295.ca
Thu Mar 17 20:22:54 EDT 2016

Reading through this article today, I couldn't help but be reminded of our
late colleague Jeff Fuquay, and how much we miss him.  Knowing his sense
of humour, and his penchant for the intersection of I/O and the law, I am
certain he would have loved this.

If you ever had a boss who was not exactly heaven-sent, you will count
your blessings as you read through this.  A word or two of caution,
though. This should NOT be read with either liquids or food material in
your mouth, because I can assure you it will not remain there, OR proceed
to its intended destination.

With affection.  Enjoy.


Mark Hammer

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