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Joel Wiesen jwiesen at appliedpersonnelresearch.com
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Mike offered his 2011 IOP focal article to the list.  I offer my 
(unpublished) response to his article, in partial rebuttal (attached).

Concerning the subject line of this thread, I think the field of I/O. 
may be overlooking an opportunity to both increase validity and decrease 
adverse impact.  If speed is a valid predictor for some jobs, and if 
speed shows no intergroup differences in mean scores, we might 
reasonably expect to increase validity and decrease adverse impact by 
including in the selection battery a job-related measure of work speed. 
I find this possibility to be exciting and encouraging.  Do you?


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On 6/2/16 5:22 PM, Michael McDaniel (WSF) wrote:
> res reading for some or many tasks and the applicant reads slower than
> most, the applicant, if hired, will likely complete their job
> assignments more slowly and thus their job performance will suffer, on
> average. In such a scenario, speed is not an undesirable characteristic
> of the test if one is interested in hiring the applicants with the
> highest probability of being a well-performing employee.
> On the other hand, if job-related reading speed has undesirable
> consequences such as group differences, one may wish to sacrifice merit
> hiring for diversity hiring and increase the time limit of the exam.
> This will improve the diversity of hires, on average, and will cause an
> increase in group job performance differences on average.  As long as
> there are group differences in job-related abilities, we will face t
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