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I know that a few years ago Frank and In-Sue Oh were working on an update 
to S&H (1998).  Frank presented some of the results at the PTC-MW fall 
event back in 2013 (http://www.ptcmw.org/event-756363).
I'm not sure where that update is in the publication process.

Beyond Frank's work above (which takes more of a selection"method" focus, 
rather than a "construct" focus), there have been several more recent 
construct-focused meta-analyses for various selection methods. Along those 
lines, depending on what your interest is, these may be useful:

Assessment Center

Arthur, W., Jr., & Day, E. A., McNelly, T. L., & Edens, P. S. (2003).  A 
meta-analysis of the criterion-related validity of assessment center 
dimensions.  Personnel Psychology, 56, 125-153.

Huffcutt, A. I., Conway, J. M., Roth, P. L., & Stone, N. J. (2001). 
Identification and meta-analytic assessment of psychological constructs 
measured in employment interviews. Journal of Applied Psychology, 86, 


Sackett, P. R., & Walmsley, P. T. (2014). Which personality attributes are 
most important in the workplace?  Perspectives on Psychological Science, 9
, 538-551.


Christian, M. S., Edwards, B. D., & Bradley, J. C. (2010). Situational 
judgment tests: Constructs assessed and a meta-analysis of their criterion 
related validities. Personnel Psychology, 63, 83-117.]\

Hope this helps,


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I’ve referenced Schmidt and Hunter (1998) for years, just wondering if 
there has been anything more recent that is close to or on par with the 
breadth of this analysis?   Thanks.
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