[IPAC-List] Organizations Willing to Defend I/O Psychology

Gene Carmean GCarmean at med-tox.com
Fri Jun 17 17:23:01 EDT 2016

Dear List Members:

The DOJ is suing the State of Pennsylvania State Police for sex 
discrimination in a physical ability test case.  The filing is 
located here: 

The arguments made in the case represent a full scale assault on the 
profession of industrial psychology and standard personnel selection 
methods and validation strategies.  The goal the DOJ has in mind is 
to overturn the ban on gender-normed quotas which are embedded in the 
language of the Civil Rights Act of 1991 and impose gender-normed 
hiring quotas on any public agency that uses a physical ability test 
for selection purposes.

It would seem to me that the following organizations would have an 
interest in defending their profession and might be induced to offer 
friend of the court briefs in this case.  I would be willing to 
provide all the information necessary to these organizations to 
understand the ramifications to the practice of personnel selection 
if the DOJ were to prevail in this case.   Can anyone provide me with 
the email addresses and names of the individuals who head these 
organizations who might have an interest in defending the principles 
of merit based selection vs the imposition of arbitrary gender-based 
quotas?  If you know of other state or local organizations that might 
be interested in this case, please forward the organization name, and 
contact email information.

Thank you.

Gene Carmean

Society for I/O Psychology
APA Division 14
International Personnel Management Assessment Council
Western Region Intergovernmental Personnel Assessment Council
Personnel Testing Council of Southern California
Personnel Testing Council of Northern California
Personnel Testing Council of Metropolitan Washington, DC
Mid-Atlantic Personnel Assessment Consortium
International Personnel Management Association
National Association of State Personnel Executives
Society for Human Resource Management

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