[IPAC-List] Vol 2, Issue 1 of Personnel Assessment and Decisions

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*Apologies for cross-posting.*

We are so delighted to be publishing Volume 2, Issue 1 of PERSONNEL ASSESSMENT AND DECISIONS<http://scholarworks.bgsu.edu/pad/>!
Individual Differences Predicting Impression Management Detection in Job Interviews.<http://scholarworks.bgsu.edu/pad/vol2/iss1/1/>
Nicolas Roulin (pp.1-11)
Technology in the Employment Interview: A Meta-Analysis and Future Research Agenda<http://scholarworks.bgsu.edu/pad/vol2/iss1/2/>
Nikki Blacksmith, Jon C. Willford, and Tara S. Behrend (pp.12-20)
Cheating on Unproctored Internet Intelligence Tests: Strategies and Effects.<http://scholarworks.bgsu.edu/pad/vol2/iss1/3/>
Wim Bloemers, Arjan Oud, and Karen van Dam (pp.21-29)
Threat of Technological Unemployment: Are Hiring Managers Discounted for Using Standardized Employee Selection Practices?<http://scholarworks.bgsu.edu/pad/vol2/iss1/4/>
Kevin P. Nolan, Nathan T. Carter, and Dev K. Dalal (pp.30-47)
A Public-Domain Personality Item Bank for Use with The Raymark, Schmit, and Guion (1997) PPRF.<http://scholarworks.bgsu.edu/pad/vol2/iss1/5/>
Scott Highhouse, Michael J. Zickar, Margaret E. Brooks, Charlie L. Reeve, Shreya T. Sarkar-Barney, and Robert M. Guion (pp.48-56)

This is the only journal in IO psychology that is free to both readers and authors.
A visit to our website<http://scholarworks.bgsu.edu/pad/> shows that published articles are downloaded throughout the world, and we have a built-in readership of practitioners through IPAC<http://www.ipacweb.org/>.
Send us your work.
Scott Highhouse, Professor
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Psychology, BGSU
Bowling Green, Ohio 43403-0228
Personnel Assessment and Decisions<http://scholarworks.bgsu.edu/pad/>

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