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Thank you for your response.  I will review this and I may follow- up with you if I have questions.


Julie Paholke
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Here's a simple example of how you could mechanically combine scores on the two procedures.  Note that dimensions and their weights should be derived from their relative importance as discovered through a solid job analysis. You don't need to measure all skills in both procedures, but it's typically better to measure twice (cut once :)).


Standardized Leadership Score

Leadership weight

Leadership Weighted Score

Standardized Communication Score

Communication weight

Communication Weighted Score

Standardized Decision Making Score

Decision Making weight

Decision Making Weighted Score


Assessment Center







Not measured

Combined/Avg Weighted Trait Score











Pro's - 1) obvious simplicity (as I suspect your merit rules are designed for a final score/rank-ordered eligibility list), 2) weights are based on job analysis, 3) one standardized/weighted score for each dimension for developmental feedback, 4) after standardizing your dimension scores, you can compare dimension across selection methods (might be useful for identifying trait vs. method variance)

Con's - to get an overall score, you'd have to allow candidates to go through both assessments, although you could also establish a hurdle approach (minimum score on the first assessment in order to go through the second) and then combine scores afterwards.


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Dear IPAC Members,

We are a Merit System and for future promotional recruitments the Sheriff's Office is considering combining the assessment center and Chief Deputy interview together for one final score. Does anyone have experience with this process? I would like to hear the pros and cons.  Thank you.


Julie Paholke
Human Resources Analyst | Washoe County Human Resources
jpaholke at washoecounty.us<mailto:jpaholke at washoecounty.us> | (775) 328-6383 | 1001 E. Ninth St., Bldg. A, Reno, NV 89512


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