[IPAC-List] IPAC at SIOP on reducing adverse impact?

Joel Wiesen jwiesen at appliedpersonnelresearch.com
Fri Aug 5 12:09:03 EDT 2016

I am thinking about submitting a proposal for a symposium at SIOP on 
what public sector jurisdictions have done and can do to reduce adverse 
impact in hiring and promotion while maintaining quality of hires.  My 
main interest is in hiring of police officers, but the symposium need 
not be limited to that.

If you have had success in hiring a diverse workforce, might you be 
interested in being part of this symposium?  It would involve describing 
what you do and the results you have gotten.

The dates are April 27 or 28 of 2017, in Orlando, Florida.

If you might be interested, pls send me an email with a little summary 
of what you might talk about.

The proposal to SIOP is due Sept 7th. I would like to wrap up the 
proposal by the end of August.



P.S.  More info here: http://www.siop.org/Conferences/17con/cfp/

Joel P. Wiesen, Ph.D., Director
Applied Personnel Research
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