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Normative data I would define as data that represents what is typical, usual (or "normal") in a defined population at a specific point in time.

...and a normative (or norm-referenced) score I would define as a score that represents a comparison to that normative data (e.g., percentile).

...sorry, I do not have any references...

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Hello List:

Does anyone have a definitive definition of normative data?  I have found articles describing their characteristics as

1. Scores should come from  a randomly selected population.
2. Scores should be fairly recent since they can change over time.
3. Scores should be derived from a group similar to the one you are using as a comparison group, i.e., fitness scores of 12th graders are of little use when comparing them to NFL linebackers.

Are there any sources or other key points about norms I should know about?  I found this citation, but have no access to ETS articles.

Angoff, William H. Scales, norms, and equivalent scores. Educational testing service, 1984.

If anyone can assist with a source or other characteristics I would appreciate it.

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