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Whenever something like this happens, one of the first things I suggest doing is analyzing the impact of the error and coming to an understanding the real world impact. While there is certainly the potential for a mess, it’s also possible the actual impact will be minimal depending upon how the candidates responded to items and how the results are used for decision making. This certainly isn’t to say that we shouldn’t adjudicate these things fairly but understanding the impact is often helpful in managing the situation.

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Boy this shows me how much you can read into the scenario Dennis described. I took it to mean that one person, the original author, thought that A was correct and upon later review, a group of people determined that B was correct. That would lead me to believe that the original author missed something and that given the appeal, the item analysis, and the group’s evaluation of the facts, that B was indeed the correct answer.
Thanks for all the additional perspectives, except the one about the lawyers arguing…

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Interesting scenario Dennis:

Seems to me that it might be safest to give credit for both A and B, assuming that groups of competent SMEs helped to establish both answers.

Calculating the item-total correlation might also help in determining whether to go with A & B or whether or not the item should be dropped.

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You are working for a city producing the final scoring key for a test. An item has been appealed where the original best answer was "A." The test review committee considers an appeal that "B" is the best answer, and agrees that "B" is the best answer. This was not simply a typo or miscoding, the original item writer believed that A was the best answer.
Do you:
1. Score A and B as correct; award one point for each.
2. Only score B as correct, counting A as being wrong.
3. Delete or throw out the item.
4. Give credit to all responses, A, B, C, and D.
5. Other
Does your jurisdiction have a stated or understood practice for handling such situations?
Do you have a rationale for your practice.
Please feel free to elaborate. Consultants, feel free to offer your usual practice.

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