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We have a formal item review process for candidate appeals as well, but the final decision on appeals in our jurisdiction is made by either an Assistant Chief (acting for the Fire Chief) or with PD, a Major (acting for the Chief). We had this situation recently  where a distractor that was originally keyed correct seemed correct from a rational perspective, but the review committee found another response was “more correct” based on the published bibliography, so the AC went with your second option. I raised the concern that those who originally selected the first keyed response did not really have an opportunity to present a case in an appeal as they thought that they got the item right. The objection was overruled, and while I can see the merit in selecting “the most correct answer”, I could also see a logical scenario where you would count both answers correct and double key the question.

Thomas Klus
Thomas Klus
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You are working for a city producing the final scoring key for a test. An item has been appealed where the original best answer was "A." The test review committee considers an appeal that "B" is the best answer, and agrees that "B" is the best answer. This was not simply a typo or miscoding, the original item writer believed that A was the best answer.
Do you:
1. Score A and B as correct; award one point for each.
2. Only score B as correct, counting A as being wrong.
3. Delete or throw out the item.
4. Give credit to all responses, A, B, C, and D.
5. Other
Does your jurisdiction have a stated or understood practice for handling such situations?
Do you have a rationale for your practice.
Please feel free to elaborate. Consultants, feel free to offer your usual practice.

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