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Lance Seberhagen sebe at erols.com
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Hi James:

Iam an alumni of the Dallas Civil Service Dept.  I liked my job but left 
to continue my education.  When I worked there in 1967-68, the Civil 
Service Dept was responsible for all of the classified (merit system) 
positions in the City. Civil Service jobs were filled through rigorous 
testing and competitive selection.  Civil Service positions were 
carefully analyzed and evaluated for assignment to the proper job 
classification and salary grade.  All Civil Service employees had appeal 
rights and protections under the City's Civil Service law.

The Personnel Dept (as it was known then) was located across the hall 
from the Civil Service Dept and had responsibility for all of the 
unclassified positions in the City. I'm not sure how many positions were 
unclassified, but it must have been a substantial number.  Many of these 
positions were in unskilled, hourly labor jobs, but there could have 
been higher-level jobs, too.  The Civil Service Dept didn't have much 
contact with the Personnel Dept, but it was my understanding 
thatunclassified employees were hired, paid, and employed under less 
rigorous procedures than Civil Service employees and served at the 
pleasure of the employing department.

The Civil Service Dept and Personnel Dept were both central HR 
departments. Iam not aware of any other jurisdiction with a similar set 
up.  If Dallas merged today's Civil Service Dept and HR Dept into one 
department,there could be real cost savings.  On the other hand, a 
combined dept might create pressure to place more positions under the 
merit system, which could increase costs and reduce flexibility. Of 
course, it could go the other way, too (i.e., more unclassified 
positions). In any event, the City of Dallas is currently facing serious 
financial difficulty due to its underfunded retirement system and needs 
to find cost savings wherever it can.

Lance Seberhagen, Ph.D.

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On 11/30/2016 6:27 PM, James Tornabene via IPAC-List wrote:
> I am looking for a list of jurisdictions that have Civil Service 
> Departments that are separated from Human Resources. The City of 
> Dallas as operated this way for decades and there is now a movement to 
> combine Civil Service under HR. This is a bad idea for several 
> reasons, but I am looking for other jurisdictions that function in a 
> similar manner to give our director some information to give to the 
> city council. Any help is greatly appreciated.
> James Tornabene
> City of Dallas
> james.tornabene at dallascityhall.com
> 214-670-3318
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