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We've been using PeopleSoft for both ATS and HRIS since 2008.  The ATS part has a combination of vanilla PeopleSoft pages and some added on (heavily customized) pages.  The IT department refers to the special pages as a bolt-on.  The customizations handle test scoring and eligible list management.  We've tried to keep customizations of vanilla PeopleSoft pages to a minimum...there is a little interface between our bolt-on and vanilla but mostly just keeping statuses in sync (e.g., if we change an applicant in our bolt-on to say "Eligible", the interface will update the vanilla page to say "Screened").  We haven't had any real problems with upgrades in PeopleSoft since the tables and fields for the bolt-on are pretty much independent.  However, the bolt-on needs to be moved into the new environment each time, which takes IT resources.  We frequently are asked to look at eliminating the bolt-on and try to figure out how to do everything in vanilla.  I suspect at some point we may lose the bolt-on battle.

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My agency is working to identify prospective vendors for potential replacement of our existing applicant tracking system (ATS) and human resources information system (HRIS).  We are a multi-jurisdictional merit (civil service) system and are seeking a robust ATS that provides the ability to, at a minimum, establish registers of candidates eligible for employment, rank candidates based on employment test scores (and other applicable criteria), and certify lists of candidates to hiring agencies and managers.  I would appreciate any information from the group on the system(s) currently being used by your agencies.  Also, it would be very helpful to know if your agency uses a vendor that provides one system to meet your HRIS and ATS needs or if you use two separate systems with an interface built between the two systems. Thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide.

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