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Success Factors (now owned by SAP) is one of the top platforms in the market right now, especially for private sector recruitment.  SF was built on a relatively new technology platform, allowing the application to perform well from a user experience and social recruitment perspective.  The Success Factor ATS, Performance, and Learning modules consistently scored in the top quadrant back when Gartner used to produce Magic Quadrant reports for individual talent management applications (starting in 2015, they started reported on TM suites and SF has remained in the top quadrant, with Oracle and Cornerstone).  As a disclaimer, I have not worked for an organization that uses SF, but my role for the past 10 or so years in HR Technology has required me to periodically review HR and TM software, typically by taking a fairly deep dive into the systems to review core functionality, extension ("bolt-on") capabilities, integration, etc.

I think one of the struggles that many/most public sector organizations face is that the leading ATSs are built for the private sector, not the public sector.  Sigma Systems (now defunct), Job Apps, and NeoGov dominated the government market because they were designed for the public sector hiring model.  Oracle and Workday are both making some in roads into the public sector, but I'm not sure how well their ATS solutions work with the typical government hiring model.

I would recommend seriously considering the suite approach, if you can identify a system that will handle your core HR, ATS, performance, compensation and even learning needs.  You will have to give up something, because no suite offers 100% solution across all of HR.  The private sector is exiting the "best of breed" approach due to the costs and resources required to maintain disparate systems.  Integration, reporting, data analysis, etc. are a real burden using the best of breed approach, and quite frankly the marketplace is consolidating in this area more and more each year.

My two cents.

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Great discussion; does anyone have experience with Successfactors?


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My agency is working to identify prospective vendors for potential replacement of our existing applicant tracking system (ATS) and human resources information system (HRIS).  We are a multi-jurisdictional merit (civil service) system and are seeking a robust ATS that provides the ability to, at a minimum, establish registers of candidates eligible for employment, rank candidates based on employment test scores (and other applicable criteria), and certify lists of candidates to hiring agencies and managers.  I would appreciate any information from the group on the system(s) currently being used by your agencies.  Also, it would be very helpful to know if your agency uses a vendor that provides one system to meet your HRIS and ATS needs or if you use two separate systems with an interface built between the two systems. Thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide.

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