[IPAC-List] Computer or Online Administered Job Analysis Questionnaires

Dennis Doverspike dennisdoverspike at gmail.com
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Yes I have a lot of experience with online and computer-administered Job
Analysis Questionnaires.

Yes, I have experience with Qualtrics. The University, The University of
Akron, has a contract with Qualtrics. Overall, I have been happy with
Qualtrics although over the years there have been some issues with using
Qualtrics to do job analysis questionnaires.

Read what you posted and did not really see a question though?  However, as
a general comment, using a computer-administered questionnaire does not
really cut down on time or make it easier; these days it may make it more
difficult because many employees may try to take the questionnaire on a
mobile device. Taking the job analysis survey on a mobile device, makes it
difficult to use traditional matrices and some other formatting that makes
job analysis questionnaires simpler. To be honest, I am not sure why a
computer administered questionnaire would be easier to develop.  As I
indicated it may be more difficult given the prevalence of mobile devices.,

Of course, you could create a tailored questionnaire but that would take
time and money.

What I have done in the past, and I know others have done, is to present
the Major Work Behaviors and Majors KSAs to everyone. But then break the
survey into say three, and present different version of the survey to each
1/3 of the population.

As for Qualtrics, they may have repaired the problem, but one issue was
what you do when you have blue-collar workers, and they are using a common
computer. If a person does not sign out correctly, the next person gets on
the computer and they start the questionnaire where the last person left
off. This did not occur if each person had a unique log in, but was an
issue with common log in locations.

As I indicated, not sure if there was a question.


On Thu, Feb 16, 2017 at 9:26 AM, Brack, Frederick <Frederick.Brack at nyct.com>

> Does anyone have any experience, insight, or lessons learned, with using
> online or computer-administered Job Analysis Questionnaires?  We are
> considering using a vendor named Qualtrics based on the results of a pilot
> study, which seemed to work well and elicited positive reactions from
> participants.
> The way we administered the pilot survey was we had one of our Test &
> Measurement Specialists administer a modified, shorter version of a typical
> JAQ survey to a small group of incumbents at their offices using their
> desktop computers, so we could walk the employees through the Job Analysis
> process and ensure they understood the purpose of the questionnaires and
> the end-result, e.g.  a list of KSA’s with importance and frequency ratings
> and a test blueprint.
> At times we have had resistance from a highly unionized mostly blue-collar
> workforce to filling out lengthy, paper-based questionnaires, even when we
> are paying them overtime to do it. Some of the advantages of
> computer-administered Job Analysis Questionnaires are easier survey
> development & revision, user-friendly survey administration (for the
> employees with computer proficiency), and the ability to compile, analyze
> and report results quickly.
> Thanks,
> Fred Brack
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