[IPAC-List] Re-evaluation of Assessment Exercises

Klus, Thomas M. Thomas.Klus at fairfaxcounty.gov
Wed Mar 8 13:07:47 EST 2017

With videotaping candidates becoming a mainstay in our assessments, we are facing greater and greater challenges from candidates regarding their scores on rater-scored exercises. Our Personnel Regulations, shown below, do not allow changes in scores, but pressure is building from candidates to allow "human errors" to be corrected.

Reevaluation of performance-based examinations (including but not limited to practical examinations and assessment centers) shall not be allowed. However, candidates may request an explanation of their performance rating in such exams...

I am curious if other jurisdictions have faced similar problems, and if so, how they may have dealt with the issue of re-evaluations of assessment exercises.

Thomas Klus
Public Safety Test Analyst
Department of Human Resources, Employment Division
Fairfax County Government

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