[IPAC-List] Full List of Managerial KSAPs ?

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Excellent!  Thanks for sharing; the only term I would add is Emotional Intelligence which is also referred to as EI.

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As sacrilegious as it seems, I’m fond of saying “No matter how you slice pizza, it’s still pizza.
Here’s a managerial model that’s worked well for me for 38 years.

Curmudgeon in Colorado (aka Harry Brull)

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Just a quick thought. When I was looking into managerial competencies some years back, I found that different sources had very different approaches. They all had areas such as critical thinking, interpersonal, writing, problem solving, etc., but some divided the domain into 7 or 8 competencies and others had several hundred competencies. And of course, there were those who fell somewhere in between.

By the way, Aon consulting did a pretty interesting presentation at a MAPAC conference in 2008 on best practices in competency modelling. Maybe they have developed a model for managerial competencies.


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Seeking a list of generic managerial KSAPs, reasonably current and exhaustive (intellectual, interpersonal, personality).  (O-Net was not


Any suggestions?




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