[IPAC-List] poll on employee performance ratings

Natasha K. Riley Natasha.Riley at omes.ok.gov
Wed Sep 6 14:31:47 EDT 2017

Hello IPAC,

We are preparing to reinvent our employee performance evaluation system.  What better way to top of my research than with a poll of my IPAC colleagues!  Thank you in advance for all responses.

1)      If your organization uses rating labels as opposed to just numbers, what are the labels (e.g., Exceeds Standards, Meets Standards, Needs Improvement, etc.)?

2)      If you use different labels to rate tasks/goals than you do for behaviors/competencies, please provide both sets of rating labels.

Thank you all!

Natasha Riley
Director of Assessment and Testing Services
p. 405-521-6361 | f. 405-521-6308
Human Capital Management | OMES
State of Oklahoma

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