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There are several ways to collect ratings as well as several sources of
performance information (e.g., peers, supervisors, direct-reports,
customers). Each of these data collection systems has pros and cons, and
evidence shows that they need to be evaluated within the context of the
organization and job in question. Also, exclusive attention to ratings and
not sufficient attention to interpersonal issues such as trust,
communication, and ongoing feedback may result is a performance measurement
system that is ineffective—or worse (i.e., lead to decreased motivation and

The following articles (available at http://hermanaguinis.com/pubs.html)
address these issues (which are also described in more detail in Aguinis,
H. 2013. Performance Management
3rd edition, Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson):

·        Aguinis, H., Gottfredson, R. K., & Joo, H. 2013. Avoiding a “me”
versus “we” dilemma: Using performance management to turn teams into a
source of competitive advantage. Business Horizons, 56: 503-512.

·        Aguinis, H., Joo, H., & Gottfredson, R. K. 2013. What monetary
rewards can and cannot do: How to show employees the money. Business
Horizons, 56: 241-249.

·        Aguinis, H., Gottfredson, R. K., & Joo, H. 2012. Delivering
effective performance feedback: The strengths-based approach. Business
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·        Aguinis, H., Gottfredson, R. K., & Joo, H. 2012. Using performance
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·        Aguinis, H., Joo, H, & Gottfredson, R. K. 2012. Performance
management universals: Think globally and act locally. Business Horizons,
55: 385-392.

·        Aguinis, H., Joo, H., & Gottfredson, R. K. 2011. Why we hate
performance management—and why we should love it. Business Horizons, 54:

I hope this helps!

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On 9/6/2017 2:31 PM, Natasha K. Riley wrote:

Hello IPAC,

We are preparing to reinvent our employee performance evaluation system.
What better way to top of my research than with a poll of my IPAC
colleagues!  Thank you in advance for all responses.

   If your organization uses rating labels as opposed to just numbers, what
are the labels (e.g., Exceeds Standards, Meets Standards, Needs
Improvement, etc.)?

   If you use different labels to rate tasks/goals than you do for
behaviors/competencies, please provide both sets of rating labels.

Thank you all!

*Natasha Riley*

Director of Assessment and Testing Services

p. 405-521-6361 | f. 405-521-6308

Human Capital Management | OMES

State of Oklahoma
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