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Delighted to announce the latest issue of Personnel Assessment and Decisions<https://scholarworks.bgsu.edu/pad/>.
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Creating Test Score Bands for Assessments Involving Ratings using a Generalizability Theory Approach to Reliability Estimation<https://scholarworks.bgsu.edu/pad/vol4/iss1/1/>
Charles Scherbaum, Marcus Dickson, Elliott Larson, Brian Bellenger, Kenneth Yusko, and Harold Goldstein


Critical Analytic Thinking Skills: Do They Predict Job-Related Task Performance Above and Beyond General Intelligence?<https://scholarworks.bgsu.edu/pad/vol4/iss1/2/>
Sara B. Elson, Rob Hartman, Adam Beatty, Matt Trippe, Kerry Buckley, John Bornmann, Elaine Bochniewicz, Mark Lehner, Liliya Korenovska, Jessica Lee, Les Servi, Alison Dingwall, Paul E. Lehner, Maurita Soltis, Mark Brown, Brandon Beltz, and Amber Sprenger

Investigating Three Approaches of Using Personality to Predict Competency-Based Performance<https://scholarworks.bgsu.edu/pad/vol4/iss1/3/>
Blaine Gaddis and Brandon Ferrell

Content of Qualitative Feedback Provided During Structured, Confidential Reference Checks<https://scholarworks.bgsu.edu/pad/vol4/iss1/4/>
Cynthia A. Hedricks, Disha Rupayana, Leigh Puchalski, and Chet Robie

SPECIAL ISSUE - CALL FOR PAPERS: Applications of Judgment and Decision Making to Problems in Personnel Assessment<https://scholarworks.bgsu.edu/pad/vol4/iss1/5/>

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