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Ghosting seems like a rude response by new hires, but maybe they don't 
know what else to do, particularly if this is their first career job.  
In times of full employment, new employee orientation ("on-boarding") 
programs should tell new hires what to do if they unexpectedly get a 
better job offer or need to quit for some other reason.  Employers 
should encourage new hires to let them know about the situation to see 
if something can be worked out or at least to provide an orderly exit.  
Exit interviews can also provide valuable information about why new 
hires are leaving so soon after hire, so appropriate action can be taken 
to reduce the problem in the future.

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On 8/9/2018 10:27 AM, RICHARD F. TONOWSKI wrote:
> SHRM has been running articles on “ghosting:” new hires fail to show 
> up, or they start work and then disappear.  They do not communicate 
> their intentions to the employer.  These could be further indicators 
> of an emerging trend of applicant disinterest in “less attractive” 
> jobs.  Maybe this trend  is a consequence of the economy being close 
> to full employment.
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> A quick note. NYS has seen a decrease in the number of applicants for 
> certain exams in the past 3 or so years. The numbers show a spike 
> around 2010, that I would attribute to the 2008 meltdown. The spike 
> lasted until approx. 2016. The exams I have looked at were for the 
> less attractive job titles.
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> The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago has 
> experienced a marked increase in the number of job offer declinations 
> and turnover in the past five years.  As the same time we are 
> experiencing smaller applicant pools for original entrance 
> recruitments.  We’re interested in learning if other agencies are 
> noticing a similar trend and if it has resulted in changes in your 
> selection processes, employee benefits, etc.
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