[IPAC-List] Changes in assessment research and practice

Tsugawa, James James.Tsugawa at mspb.gov
Fri Aug 10 09:17:03 EDT 2018

Good morning -

A year or two ago, I saw an update of the much-cited 1998 Schmidt and Hunter metaanalysis of assessment methods.

One striking result was that unstructured interviews (UIs) fared surprisingly well.  The paper at the link below contains the findings of interest.


So, two questions:

(1) Was that result further explored or confirmed in other studies?  For example, do UIs have previously unseen or underappreciated measurement properties?  Or might there be a selection effect at work?  (Given standards for metaanalysis and studies, the UIs probably weren't the ones of our nightmares.)

(2) Has it influenced subsequent research--or your own practice, as a developer/recommender/user of assessments?

James Tsugawa / U.S. MSPB

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