[IPAC-List] Where to recruit black applicants for police officer?

Tue Jun 4 13:38:07 EDT 2019

Back in my Postal Service days, one way to get the word out about jobs was to contact the predominantly black churches.  That's for Letter Carriers, etc.  I don't know how that works for cops.

One issue that came up was that if current employees were simply told to spread the word, the word seemed to spread via the black churches but not the churches where the congregation was not predominantly black.  I gather from Joel's brief description that the concern is specifically for getting the word out to potential black applicants.  Probably the strategy should be both to contact the churches directly and also to encourage current police officers to spread the word at their churches. 

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This might sound dumb, but I'll suggest barber shops and hair salons that specialize in a primarily African-American clientele.  Whether waiting for a free chair, or sitting under the scissors/trimmer, it's a place that folks spend a bit of time - likely more than they might on a website or banner ad - where folks chat, and where the staff can gather and curate comments from others.  And, dare I say it, police officers need haircuts too, and sitting in a chair for 15 minutes, alongside an officer in the nearby chair, might be an opportunity to provide a prompt to gather more information from more formal sources.  And a recruitment/information pamphlet might provide something to read when that 14 year-old copy of Sports Illustrated has lost its appeal.

The caveat is that such a locale provides a random sampling of that sub-population, rather than principally those who might do well on the entrance exam.  But it's a start, and there's a LOT of barber shops and salons.  It wouldn't surprise me to learn that such locales have been used for years, and I'm simply late to the party.

Mark Hammer

> Where (geographic locations, websites, media, etc.) might one recruit 
> black candidates for police officer - particularly candidates likely 
> to do well on the entrance exam?
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