[IPAC-List] Merit System Principles - and hiring competent people

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Hello Dr. Wiesen,
As to your question of where it is written that merit system principles apply to state and local governments?

I can tell you that Wisconsin law requires it of its classified civil service in state government.  s.230.01(2)(c) and s.230.15(1), Wis. Stats. http://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/statutes/statutes/230/

I believe a similar State law exists for Wisconsin local municipalities, but I couldn't give you a citation.   Hope this is the kind of thing you're asking about.


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Joel -

If the assessment is developed and validated appropriately, then those who pass should be competent in the job or at least competent in those aspects of the job that are required at entry and measured by the assessment.

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Is there anything in the Merit System Principles that says that a person passing an exam should be competent to do the job?

Also, where is it written that the merit system principles apply to state and local governments?

All I found so far is that we should be promoting the best qualified person, for federal service jobs.



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