[IPAC-List] Shared Office Amazon Kindle Accounts?

johnf at us.net johnf at us.net
Fri Mar 20 14:13:30 EDT 2020


Our office is contemplating getting an office Amazon.com account so we can
purchase books in Kindle format and they will be accessible to all (12) of
us remotely.  I'm wondering if any of you-particularly if you are operating
under Federal or other government purchasing constraints-have done this kind
of thing?


Technically, its very easy to do.  Amazon allows multiple device access and
has a set-up for family members sharing an account.  And the desktop and
web-based Kindle apps remote the requirement to have anything other than
computer-based browser access.  


But, of course, our IT and purchasing people are squeamish about the whole
thing.  It would help to have success stories from  other organizations, the
more Federal government-like the better, who have dealt with this.  I
suppose failure stories would also be useful.


Appreciate your perspectives on this!




John M. Ford

Senior Research Psychologist

Office of Policy and Evaluation

U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board

(240) 888-8537

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