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Hello Denise,

You might think of ways to balance these two considerations:

1. There is a risk of an employment discrimination challenge to any exam 
that has adverse impact (which often is the case), and the chances of 
losing such a legal challenge is much higher if the exam is not 
professionally developed.
2. Your hiring managers want to hire qualified employees.

One approach you might consider is to give the hiring managers some 
information on how to develop a valid selection procedure. (The US OPM 
has published such material in the past.)  Then let the hiring managers 
know that they will be called upon to defend the selection process if it 
is challenged.

If the number of hires is small, the risk of a legal challenge is modest 
or, perhaps, nil.

Good luck.


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On 5/18/21 1:39 PM, Courtney, Denise (DHR) wrote:
> Hello,
> New here so thank you in advance for your patience and assistance!
> My question is regarding data entry tests. Can an employer test for 
> skills like data entry or math without using a validated test? We have 
> managers that want to give a data entry test for positions that key in 
> tax forms and another manger that wants to give a math test for 
> Engineering Technician candidates where knowledge of basic math is a 
> job requirement. These tests are not administered/proctored by HR, 
> rather they wish to provide them at the time of interview (almost like 
> a writing exercise).
> Please advise,
> Denise
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