[IPAC-List] Job Analysis That Includes Work Setting?

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Job analysis should collect all data necessary to achieve the objectives of the
job analysis.  For example, if job analysis is used for job evaluation, the job
analysis should collect data relevant to the job evaluation factors, as well as
other relevant data.


If you want to identify positions that need to work in the office, versus
teleworking from home, the job analysis should include questions about the kinds
of tasks that must be performed in the office.  Management policy defines some
of these tasks.  Functional demands define other tasks.  Thus, I would interview
top management and a sample of supervisors and job incumbents to identify
important tasks that must be performed in the office.  Then I would include
these tasks in the job analysis questionnaire to be completed by all job
incumbents.  Every organization is unique.  Thus, the tasks that must be
performed in the office probably varies from organization to organization.

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Hi John,


Back in 1979, Walter Rohmert and Kurt Landau wrote a book titled, "A New
Technique for Job Analysis."  In the book they describe a job analysis
technique, AET, that focuses on the work environment.  This might be a good
place to start.


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Subject: [IPAC-List] Job Analysis That Includes Work Setting? 


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Can anyone suggest a good written treatment of how to include analysis of
work environment as part of a job analysis?

I'm most interested in methods discussions, but would also benefit from any
examples of a job analysis that did a particularly good job of including
this consideration.  Part of our interesting is considering the "new
reality" of teleworking and how to assess what might be tasks which require
an employee to be in the office versus teleworking from home.

Thanks in advance!

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