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We are delighted to share with you the latest issue of Personnel Assessment and Decisions<https://scholarworks.bgsu.edu/pad/vol8/iss1/>.

Current Issue: Volume 8, Issue 1 (2022):


On the Continued Misinterpretation of Stereotype Threat as Accounting for Black-White Differences on Cognitive Tests<https://scholarworks.bgsu.edu/pad/vol8/iss1/1>
Dana H. Tomeh and Paul R. Sackett

Interviews from Scratch: Individual Differences in Writing Interview Questions<https://scholarworks.bgsu.edu/pad/vol8/iss1/2>
Lauren J. Wegmeyer, Andrew P. Tenbrink, Angie Y. Delacruz, Rouan Salim, and Andrew B. Speer

The Effect of English Language Proficiency and Glossary Provision on Personality Measurement<https://scholarworks.bgsu.edu/pad/vol8/iss1/3>
Damian Canagasuriam, Sharmili Jong, and Wendy Darr

“Faking” is Neither Good Nor Bad, It Is a Misleading Concept: A Reply to Tett and Simonet (2021)<https://scholarworks.bgsu.edu/pad/vol8/iss1/4>
Bernd Marcus

Faking Is as Faking Does: A Rejoinder to Marcus (2021)<https://scholarworks.bgsu.edu/pad/vol8/iss1/5>
Robert P. Tett, Daniel Simonet, and Neil D. Christiansen


The Attention to Detail Test: Measurement Precision and Validity Evidence for a Performance-Based Assessment of Attention to Detail<https://scholarworks.bgsu.edu/pad/vol8/iss1/6>
Brent A. Stevenor, Michael John Zickar, Fletcher Wimbush, and Weston Beck

Comparing Empirically Keyed and Random Forest Scoring Models in Biodata Assessments<https://scholarworks.bgsu.edu/pad/vol8/iss1/7>
Mathijs Affourtit, Kristin Allen, Craig M. Reddock, and Paul M. Fursman

Also, be on the lookout for a forthcoming call for papers for a special issue on Innovations in Assessment Center Research and Practice edited by Duncan Jackson, Helen Baron, and Michael Blair.

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