[IPAC-List] Does the day you take an oral exam matter?

RPClare at aol.com RPClare at aol.com
Thu Apr 2 09:32:31 EDT 2009

I think that we may be wrestling with what my mentor once told me "No one
ever failed (did poorly on) a good test" Conversely, successful candidates knew
they should be and that you couldn't possibly measure everything I bring to
the table. I often would wait outside the test rooms and talk to folks I knew
on some level as they were leaving. They were usually complimentary about
the test and the process. When they received scores lower than they expected,
they appealed and usually stated they test was not relevant or had major flaws.
I once even got a call at home from a friend stated that the answer we
"wanted" on a question was wrong and the one she gave was "right" even though she
won't get credit for it because of the way we score the test. I checked and
the answer she gave afforded her maximum credit but, I believe she was
beginning her ego defense as to why she didn't do well/better.
All of the things we've discussed in this thread are important to keep
exploring, but there will always be complaints and rationalizations.
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