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I'm pretty sure the UG don't talk about validity generalization. A new job
analysis is a good idea, especially from a legal standpoint.


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> Megan -


> Sounds to me like you're getting caught in the company's process, not the

> Uniform Guidelines. Assuming you have a sufficient sample size and good

> criterion measures, you do not need to do any other validation study. In

> fact, a local criterion-validity study is going to trump any other validity

> study 99% of the time. The consultant was correct concerning the job

> analysis. If the job analysis is out of date, then you need to update it,

> since it forms the foundation for the validity study. The job analysis will

> determine appropriate test content, appropriate criterion measures, and can

> also be useful in determining test weights, test model (e.g., compensatory

> vs. hurdle), etc. You're clearly concerned enough about the differences in

> the job then versus now that you want a new validation study. Logically, a

> new job analysis is also warranted.



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> I am currently considering the use of a commercially available selection

> tool (vendor and tool shall rename nameless). An in-house criterion-related

> validation study was done on the test many years ago, but the test was never

> implemented. The job has since changed enough that I would not feel

> comfortable implementing the test on the basis of the old results.


> When I recently spoke with the one of the company's consultants and said

> that I wanted to do another criterion-related validity study, this time

> using their assistance with analyses, I was told that the research process

> needed to start with a job analysis and validity generalization research

> (both done by said company and requiring a significant amount of time on

> their part and my client's). The criterion-related validation is apparently

> considered a "follow-up" to all the other work. When I said I only wanted to

> do the criterion-related validation portion (a simple and quick concurrent

> validation), she told me that the company has to do the job analysis and

> validity generalization first, because "that's what the Uniform Guidelines

> require."


> There's a lot I could say here, but I will just start with a question.

> Reactions??


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