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Winfred Arthur, Jr. w-arthur at neo.tamu.edu
Wed Jun 29 12:21:21 EDT 2011

well, at one level it is really a test design and development issue,
right? specifically, if the exam [pool of 500 items] adequately samples
from and represents the content domain as defined, then by "studying the
exam", one would indeed be studying the content domain [i.e., they are
in effect one and the same]. that is indeed the sampling-based
definition of content-related validity, no?

- winfred

On 6/29/2011 7:58 AM, Glen Morry wrote:

> Hi Ramona -

> From a candidate's point of view it is reassuring to see all the

> potential questions that could be asked. Less test anxiety (and more

> focused preparation) might result in elevated exam scores, but I

> wonder if this "spoon-feeding" could disproportionately favour weaker

> candidates? Does one's actual exam score matter - i.e. are the results

> applied "top down", or is it just pass-fail? What's the overall pass

> rate and what proportion of candidates eventually get promoted...? I

> guess it is as much a matter of managing candidate pools (and

> candidate expectations) as it is a psychometric issue!

> If candidates had all the test items in hand, then most will just

> study to those, and disregard anything else (although 500 items is a

> lot to digest). At the RCMP we publish previous exams, and we find the

> same sort of thing - candidates overly rely on preparing to these

> questions, rather than to the actual content we want to test for. If

> the ultimate goal is to ensure that candidates know _all_ the

> P&P well, then a simpler strategy would be to just list the specific

> policies and procedures that will be covered by the exam.

> This involves a whole lot less work on your part, and arguably

> would produce similar benefits!

> Since this is essentially a generic province-wide promotional exam, do

> the participating police forces also supplement this with testing

> involving questions directly related to their own force's policies and

> procedures, municipal by-laws etc? If so, do they use the same

> testing strategy, with candidates using a question bank to prepare?

> Glen

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