[IPAC-List] Validating High School Diplomas and GEDs as a Minimum Qualification

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I usually explain that the min quals are there for all types of job
markets and candidates will all levels of performance. It usually works
best to give an example of a job that is in the middle or top of a job

Basically the line of thought is:
- think of one of the best employees you've ever had
- then imagine we are in a very tight labor market, like 2006 or 07, very
hard to attract and retain
- you have a rising star at the beginning or mid of a job series, say
Planner I or II (back in the day this was hard to fill), or Accountant I
or II, or whatever their hard-to-fill class is
- you have a recruitment for the next level in the series...the eligible
list is for a year, so people may sit on it and get more experience
- do you want your rising star to have the opportunity to at least apply
and get on the list for some vacancy along the way? It doesn't say you
have to hire or even interview them
- Being in public sector you can remind them that we can't counter-offer
salary if another employer wants to steal.

Then ask do the min quals really look that low?

When we draft job postings our template has both a min quals and preferred
quals section, this helps the managers accept the min quals because they
can work in their pet preferred quals. We try to steer them away from
saying "10 yrs exp" and instead say "Significant exp in _____ is

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Re: [IPAC-List] Validating High School Diplomas and GEDs as a Minimum

On a somewhat tangential issue, has anyone found a good way to convince
powers-that-be that the word "minimum" in minimum qualifications does not
mean the exact same thing as "desired"? I've tried educating them on the
issues involved, I've tried citing legal cases and explaining the laws,
and I've even tried making the legal approach more personal by pointing
out section 1983 (I'm in the public sector). I've even tried the "just
say no" approach...which does not work too well as they just leave tracks
in what is left of my hair in going over my head...so if you value your
hair you might skip that one. ;-)


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