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I echo the comments of the others who have responded. While there are instruments that assess the kinds of personality traits you identify, proper validation can be quite involved and sometimes tricky. Arguably, some ego is necessary to be a successful officer; too little or too much may be problematic. The challenge is being able to validate the amount of ego you deem to be excessive. Also, personality tests often have little face validity which can foster suspicion (and challenges) from exam participants, especially in a promotional exam situation in the fire service.

Some of the alternative methodologies suggested by the others --- structured interviews, assessment center type exercises, situational judgment tests --- may help to accomplish the objective of identifying those best equipped to become a company officer. The behavioral anchors in the rating criteria could include desirable and problematic responses to situations presented, as related to the "ego" concerns. I think there would be better acceptance among the exam participants also.

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In a previous professional life, I worked in personnel assessment with a Civil Service Board in Alabama. I have been contacted by another Fire District in our area about helping them with a promotional examination. However, they have concerns that some of the candidates that they believe will do well, would not be a good fit due to the personalities of the potential promotional candidates. Essentially, they are concerned that the individuals' ego would prevent them from being an effective company officer.

Are any of you aware of any assessments that may help to identify those personality traits that may problematic for the District.

Any advice is welcomed.


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