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Hi Lindsey-

I hope things are going well in your new position, Lindsey!

We receive hundreds of ADA accommodation requests each year. Each agency deals with the requests differently, but you tend to note patterns in the way these requests are handled. Hopefully, the documentation outlines the disability and provides for a rationale for the suggested accommodation, supports the need for an accommodation and makes a request for a specific accommodation. Often the rationale is provided by via a physician's note, though we have seen many requests where the documentation was supported by a recommendation from a special education instructor (sometimes dating back 25+ years). Unfortunately though, in many of these requests the most qualified professional does not weigh in on the issue or seemingly does not carefully consider their special request for accommodation.

When the request is for extra time, we typically see agencies grant 1.5x - 2x the standard time limit. That said, this needs to be based on the nature of the disability, the type of test involved, etc. While our clients typically have the mechanism in place to handle these requests, we are often asked our opinion when information is otherwise lacking and we often suggest 1.5x the examination time limit for our standard paper & pencil examinations.


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Hi everyone,

If you have applicants that request extra time for a written exam, what standard do you use to determine the time limit provided to candidates?


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