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Often, I think, the assessment people deal with the accommodation requests.  I tend to focus on the reasonableness of the accommodation and alternatives.  I am less prepared  ---- time, knowledge, resources --- to assess the nuances and evolving case law associated with the definition of disability, major life activities, etc., etc.   If anything, I prefer to err on the safe side.  So, I would likely support an accommodation for text-anxiety rather than arguing against it as a disability.


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Since I am not up to data on the DSM and my clinical days are long past, I checked with a school psychologist and a counseling psychologist. As per previous suggestions, they indicated that text anxiety was not a disorder but could be considered either under a generalized anxiety disorder or a Social Phobia, if they met the diagnosis.
However, in terms of suggestions about mitigating through therapy already offered by others, it is interesting that they independently offered that the person could probably just take a pill.
In the end, it seems like this type of decision should be made by an ADA office or panel. I usually recommend not having hr or the assessment people make this decision, but a separate office or personnel.

Dennis Doverspike
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