[IPAC-List] Proposed APA guidelines on psych evaluations of police officers, etc.

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FYI, Proposed APA guidelines on psych evaluations of police officers 
link from forwarded message below.



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Date:    Mon, 14 Dec 2015 08:28:19 -0500
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Subject: Fwd: [DIVOFFICERS] FW: [Call for Comments] Request to Post info 
on Proposed Professional Practice Guidelines for Occupationally-Mandated 
Psychological Evaluations

Dear Colleagues,

FYI. Please consider sharing your comments.

Thank you,
Dinelia Rosa

*Call for Comments: Proposed Guidelines for Occupationally-Mandated
Psychological Evaluations*

In accordance with Association Rule 30-8, the Board of Professional Affairs
(BPA) and Committee on Professional Practice and Standards (COPPS) seek
member and public comments on the *Proposed Guidelines for
Occupationally-Mandated Psychological Evaluations (OMPEs.)*  These
Guidelines have been developed by COPPS to educate and inform the practice
of psychologists who conduct OMPEs, as well as to stimulate debate and
research.  Thank you for your review and comments.

*Link to Comment Form/Instructions/Guidelines:*

*Deadline for Comments:  *February 5, 2016.

*Link to just the Proposed Guidelines document: *


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