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I have dodged this bullet now for years, but I now have an official military accommodation request for a Battalion Chief Assessment Center.  Historically, we routinely administer written exams via a military staff administrator/monitor but do not accommodate for an assessment center.  Typically, personnel are usually back for the assessment center.  However, we have had a large local deployment for six (6) months to the middle east.  This list will be a two (2) year list.

We will have three assessment center exercises, only one of which would lend itself to an off-site administration (on-line in-basket).

Thoughts?  What are the procedures/processes you all utilize?  The City's legal team is extremely conservative and would like to accommodate.

Does anyone administer an assessment center upon return with parallel form exercises?  Any help or advice would be much appreciated!

Kathleen A. Walker, MAP
Employment Services Manager
City of Little Rock, Department of Human Resources
(501) 371-4595, or mail to: kawalker at littlerock.org<mailto:kawalker at littlerock.org>

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